We often greet people who are nervous and apprehensive of what will happen at our consulting rooms, as they have seen films or TV programmes of psychotherapy being offered when people spend week after week talking about their problems, and how terrible their life is.  At The Grove Clinic it’s not like that at all.

We will listen with great compassion and care. Then we’ll examine and acknowledge the problem, and agree our understanding of your goals.

We will plot a path towards those goals and support you in your steps along that path, finding tools and developing skills to get you moving confidently towards your goals.

We will help you to feel better quickly, and to leave each and every session feeling more hopeful.  We will help you to feel more calm, and more in control of your emotions, and we will support you whilst we rehearse the new behaviour which will help you to achieve your aims.

We will help you to build a firm foundation for your emotional health so as to avoid going back to being in your highly aroused ‘problem’ state.

We will NOT ask you to tell us about your trauma, nor will we dwell for too long on the problems, and the causes, but we will acknowledge them.

We do not have a minimum number of sessions, and we will endeavour to minimise the number of visits.

There are many conditions with which we are asked to help but these are some of the most common.

  1. BulletAddictions - cigarettes, alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription medications

  2. BulletAnxieties - confidence, self-esteem, exam nerves, panic attacks, IBS, performance

  3. BulletDepression, including post-natal depression, bi-polar disorder

  4. BulletAttention - concentration, recall, sensory chaos

  5. BulletBehavioural Problems - obsessions, habits, aggression, decisiveness

  6. BulletCardio-vascular Issues - hypertension

  7. BulletCompulsive Disorders - OCD

  8. BulletEating Control - obesity, anorexia, bulimia, snacking

  9. BulletLearning Difficulties - ADHD, ADD, ODD

  10. BulletBereavement and grief

  11. BulletPain - muscular, skeletal, central nervous system, childbirth, fibromyalgia, IBS

  12. BulletPhobias - flight, heights, vomiting, sleep, death, disease, injections

  13. BulletSexual Issues - erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, trauma and abuse, anorgasmia, orientation

  14. BulletSkin Conditions - eczema, psoriasis

  15. BulletStress - post traumatic stress, work stress, personal stress

  16. BulletSleep Disturbances - insomnia, nightmares, enuresis (bed wetting)

  17. BulletChildren - behaviour, emotional disturbance, family therapy