Help with Relationships


We all face some degree of stress in our lives, but when the going gets tough we may perhaps make mistakes, neglect our personal relationships and become disconnected from our partner.  As stress and suffering increase we may become even more disconnected, perhaps even looking for nourishment, warmth and comfort elsewhere.  Children and families suffer, and so, of course, do we.  We decide we are not ‘happy’ and we may even end up blaming our partner, and deciding to put the relationship in the bin so we can be happy.

However, it does not need to end in tears.  It is very often possible to repair relationships, to find out where each person’s emotional needs are not being met, and then to design and build a relationship which is rewarding and fulfilling for those involved.  We’ve helped many couples and families to do exactly that.

Even if only one of those involved wants to rescue the situation it is still worth a call to discuss what can be done to help.  If you are having a problem in your relationship, and you would like to fix it, call us on 01481 729911.